Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday 30th January

Another month almost in, only a day left... I was speaking to David Formby last night, he has been without a landline for 3 weeks and just reconnected yesterday, his mobile with Vodaphone has been playing too... David last week had counted 80 Skylarks together in a flock over towards Mulindry while he has been having Siskins visiting his feeders at his house. Mary yesterday, on her way to work, close to the Visitor Centre at Gruinart saw a Barn Owl which had a near miss with the refuse collecting lorry... Today, down in the field beside the telephone exchange at Coultorsay, there was a small flock of around 15 Curlews. Just around Gortan, (the coalyard) on Loch Indaal there were 3 small flocks of Greylags on the water close to the shore. By the way, I have not seen the Brambling that we saw back on Sunday here at home, not even a one day wonder, a couple of hours and not to be seen again, "gone but not forgotten"...

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