Thursday 20 November 2014

Thursday 20th November

Over the last couple of days the first "International" Goose count has been carried out. I have not heard through yet the tally but I heard that 6 Pinkies were amongst the Barnies down at Cornabus valley yesterday. Visiting birder, John Miles had seen an albino Reed Bunting down the same area, so possibly the same bird that Wally and Jude had tried to get an image of, but a van appeared of of nowhere and the bird flew off before Wally had a chance to snap it! Also yesterday, Mary had seen a Bean goose at Lyrabus around 10.30 in the morning before it flew away. Late afternoon another Bean goose (or was it the same one?) had been seen over close to Keills. Amongst the Barnies at Craigens, Mary had a Cackling goose as well as 3 large Canadas. Earlier, she had a huge Peregrine up behind Blackpark and and a dead Buzzard below the overhead wires there too. On her way round Mary also had a Kestrel at Leck Gruinart, 2 Ringtails at Mill cottage and up at Ardnave she counted 14 Ravens. Today beside the coalyard, a Sparrowhawk dropped out of the hedge and then we saw it a few seconds later as it flew past while we came up the road home. If you are around, it is that time again next week, with the monthly "meeting" of the Islay bird nerds. We are meeting centrally at the Gaelic college at 7.15pm when Ed from WWT will be giving us an update on his work on the Whitefronts. Ed was telling me this evening that they have caught and put collars on a further 8 geese along with transponders, so we will here more about them next week. so if you are are over next week, come along... This will be our last get together for 2014 with our next gathering will be at the end of January for a meal to sustain us all somewhere, sometime!

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