Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tuesday 9th September

The cloud cover last night somewhat spoiled our view of the moon, not to worry as it is looking great as I write this entry, and equally as good was the sunset out West. This morning, we had a really clear view over to Donegal, got the scope out to see a few white buildings dotted about...For around around an hour around midday, a Peregrine sat up on top of the crag, just watching the world go by... Late afternoon, down at Bruichladdich, we counted 12 Collared Doves, we certainly have seen more around of late, possibly because of the spilled barley on the road as the farmers have been taking their barley get dried down at the drier at Octofad between Port Charlotte and Portnahaven, for Bruichladdich Ditillery to make whisky out of later on...

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