Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thursday 1st of May

That is April past now, the tally for the rain did not even come to an inch, just around 0.8 of inch, a really dry month for here. The farmers will all be well pleased with them all having their Spring barley sown by now, last year with a really wet Spring the last few fields were sown as late as the 22nd of May.. Back to the birds then, Phil from Lincs, one of Wally's friends is over this week and well pleased with his birding and possibly the Distilleries too! Yesterday they had spent some time on the Rhinns and up to Ardnave. His highlights included 50 Whimbrel at Traig an Luig, 60 at Nerabus and a further 3 at Claddach.They also saw a Peregrine, several Chough on their travels. They had an immature Golden Eagle flying less than 50 m overhead, no need for the bins! Good sightings of 3 different male Hen Harriers and also a ringtail. A Whitethroat was seen at Port Charlotte and 3 Little Terns were at Traigh an Luig. Dave Wood today had 15 Knot, 70 Barwits, 80 Dunlin and 9 Shelduck between Bowmore and "smelly corner". Alastair from Portnahaven had a Cuckoo at Blackrock while I heard a distant one calling here around midday

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