Thursday 8 August 2013

Thursday 8th August

Today Dave had a Greenshank down on the reserve on the Oa. Yesterday Mary had noticed that the flock of Starlings round Portnahaven appears to be increasing in number...Walking along the road between Ballymeanach and Portnahaven, Mary had Willow Warblers calling, Sedge Warblers seen in the verges, Grasshopper Warblers singing away and also a perched Raven calling away as well!!! Later on along the strand towards Uiskentuie, 2 Chough were seen and also a Sparrowhawk close to the office at Gruinart. On the road itself, there were quite a lot of Meadow Pipits and Pied Wagtails. Coming home the other evening, there were some frogs hopping about on the road itself...and a hedgehog on the verge after Sunderland, we have not seen one for a while....

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