Friday 2 August 2013

Friday 2nd August

Just at tea time, the skies blackened and then the thunderstorm came,  along with a good dollop of rain, the best part of half an inch in half an hour, glad I was inside.... Megan the old dog just slept through it all!!! Visitors ended up on a high earlier today, seeing a Golden Eagle, yesterday they had a ringtail Hen Harrier. Another visitor who is over doing a spot of fishing had seen a Seal down at Portnahaven earlier this week, with a 5- 6 lb fish in his mouth, bet Cliff was rather envious! The last day or two I have been kept out of mischief, getting my head round "things", getting the liquid supplies together from the Distilleries ready for our foray down to Rutland and the Bird Fair. Today I was over at Islay Studios picking up some images that Mark has been doing for us, all looking good. Some of the images are by folk who have kindly allowed them to be used to promote Islay, a special thanks to you all.

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