Friday 9 August 2013

Friday 9th August

Think I spoke too quick about seeing a Hedgehog last night, as I saw 3 dead ones today on the road between Blackrock and Bridgend. The second had also been seen by a Buzzard as well, and it took off from the road carrying the said hedgehog in its' talons. Yesterday was our local annual Agricultural Show, the weather was good, just the odd spot of rain, a good crowd came along which all helps to cover all the expenses of the show. No doubt the "Dance" in the evening would also help bring in more money to the coffers...Debbie Jackson who had recently been over on Islay had seen a male Hen Harrier down towards Claggain Bay and also 2 ringtails on her way up to Sanaigmore. I hear that there were no successful breeding Hen Harriers in England this year.

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Jonathan C said...

We arrive on Islay Sunday evening, staying at Bridgend hotel.

Where is best place to see hen harriers, choughs and corncrake? What are our chances of seeing golden or sea/white-tailed eagles?