Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wednesday 10th July

Not so warm today, but a haar rolled in from the sea late yesterday and did not lift until late this morning, it also put the Jura ferry off at 18.30 with some folk stranded on Jura! I forgot to mention that we saw around 50 Sand Martins hawking over on of the barley fields at Rockside yesterday mid afternoon. Mark Shields, Dave's new assistant down on the Oa sent some sightings through. Last Friday, Mark saw a Puffin on the bay below Dun Athad. On Sunday he watched a Golden Eagle being mobbed by 5 Peregrines. Yesterday there were 30 Swifts over the Oa, other groups seen earlier this year have all been small groups. Mark had counted 160 Guillemots including 4 Bridled Guillemots. Peter had heard a Grasshopper Warbler while going down to the Lily Loch the other day. With the haar being in through the night, the sheep were damp first thing, but were dry later on, so finished giving them their annual haircut,  job done!!!!

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