Monday, 8 July 2013

Monday 8th July

Yesterday a visitor had seen a Barnacle Goose on the reserve at Gruinart. Early evening, I had a male Hen Harrier fly along the top of the crag. Later on as it was so calm, and also the sea was relatively quiet, we went out the back of midnight to do the Corncrake survey on our patch. We only heard 6 calling birds, which in some ways can be a good sign as it can indicate that he has found a mate! We also had 2 Hedgehogs, but no Barn Owls. Keith from Glasgow had seen another male Hen Harrier this morning close to Foreland and George had ringtail today down near his house. This evening at Blackrock, Bob counted 26 Arctic Terns and also 26 Barwits there too, a Barnacle Goose was also on the water, the same one as yesterday or could it be a different goose?. Earlier on down at Gortan, a Heron was being mobbed by a Common Gull, perhaps the Heron was too close to the Gull's nest! Further along, towards Bruichladdich, the pr of Shelduck were out with their brood of 7, good to see that none have been predated.

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