Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday 15th July

A visitor had been telling George that on Saturday he had seen an Osprey on Loch Gorm, and on Sunday he saw an Osprey fishing on Loch Cor and then flying back in the direction of Loch Gorm. Yesterday on the silage aftermaths next to George's there were 70 Curlew, 35 Oystercatcher and 100 Rooks. The Moorhen on George's ponds is still sitting tight on her clutch of eggs, can't be long before they hatch!!  Also yesterday George had a male Hen Harrier at the head of Loch Gorm and later on another up past Culbuie. This morning the Arctic Terns below George's house were agitated whatever the reason. Tom and his family from Edinburgh had walked out to Proaig today where they were rewarded with an Otter in the bay, better still a big helping of ice cream each at Ardbeg on the way home!!! 

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