Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday 12th July

Yesterday , the young Swallows in our back porch flew the nest, great to see the 4 of them out . The nest in the shed fledged 3 earlier in the week while the ones in the garage are quite a bit behind as they have just hatched this week! Also up on the shed in one of the nest boxes, there is a brood of House Sparrows as is another in the nest box outside the garage. Peter had counted around 30 Sand Martins in the wee quarry on the track from Uiskentuie strand over the moor to Lyrabus. This evening Bob had been down at the new hide, and had seen a couple of Roe Deer close at hand, coming home along the flats, there were around 25 Red Deer stags on the flats! This week, I have been noticing more clegs around with odd one outwitting me and biting me rather than me being able to get "rid" of them before allowing them to bite me...

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