Tuesday 25 December 2012

Tuesday 25th December, or Chistmas Day

A really early entry for once as I am going out, round to friends to enjoy some food along with something to wash it all down with, and to enjoy the craik too...
Yesterday Tom and Jo saw 2 White tailed Sea Eagles down close to Bridgend, one of them had just caught a goose and they were taking turns feeding on the goose, all unfolding at less than 40 metres away, who needs a telescope, let alone a pair of bins at that range!  Later on they saw another WTSE up at Gruinart, and on the estuary there were 4 Grey Plover and 90 Golden Plover. On  Ardnave Loch they saw 10 Whoopers and 7 Goldeneye. Last night, down at Glenegedale Bob had a Tawny Owl, and Peter saw another Tawny Owl up at Bridgend. Today Peter and Pia had gone over to Bunnahabhain, looking for the Iceland Gull, no sign of it, but he managed to spot an Otter there! While they were out, they had gone scout about, trying to see the Red breasted Goose with no joy, hope those pesky WTSE are not to blame for the goose not being seen of late!!!

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