Friday 28 December 2012

Friday 28th December

Sorry folks, nothing to report on the bird front today. Perhaps the Fulmars were correct again as last night there was a reading of 40 mph on Mike's weather station, just down the road from here, click on the link to get the latest! There was another gust of the same earlier this evening... and as I write this entry the winds are rolling around and by the looks of the forecast for the next few days we could be in for a rough ride. We have one saving grace that at least we do have 2 ferry ports here on Islay, so the ferry sometimes cannot attempt to dock at Port Ellen but can do so at Port Askaig. But then again the wind speed is increasing so that the choice of ports will not be an option as the ferry itself may not sail... read the blog for an update tomorrow, might even be back on about our feathered friends!!

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