Thursday 27 December 2012

Thursday 27th December

When we were over in one of our cottages this morning, Margaret looked out the kitchen window, what was  flying across the field but a male Hen Harrier, in no hurry just taking its' time as it "quartered" back and forward, great to see especially as we had time on our hands.! Later on, this afternoon there was a raft of Scaup down past Blackrock, they have been seen there quite often of late. Changing the subject somewhat, just been watching a program on BBC2 by Cameron McNeish on the new "Scottish trail" from Kirk Yetholm in the Borders, finishing up at Cape Wrath, a whopping trek of over 470 miles, just wish I was a few years younger. Saw some parts that I had walked along many years ago... the second program is on tomorrow night, a bit more of a challenge that section would be!

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