Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wednesday 27th July

It had to happen sometime, yes the weather has broken down, but "normal service" could restart as early as tomorrow. It is damp outside, enough to lay the dust down and that's about it, although the top of the crag is shrouded in a low mist. I have been doing other things today rather than thinking about birds here on Islay, cutting the grass, outside painting (before the weather went awol), checking out some odds and ends for the Bird Fair....not a lot but getting there, wherever that is! Looking outside to the trees round about, and hey presto most of them are all green again. The Rowans have some blossom on them, so will we get some berries later on? Similarly the Brambles have got blossom too, so again we may get some brambles in the Autumn, usually I think of early to mid September in a normal year, will keep you posted on that front later on. The old Apple tree which had so much blossom the first time round, has no sign of any blossom this time round.

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