Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday 10th July

As I was about to write the entry this evening, an email came through from Mary McGregor to say that the Rose coloured Starling has been seen in with the Starlings resident up at Ardnave for the last few days. Here at home yesterday and today there has been a very vocal Sedge Warbler out in the back garden, it was great to hear it singing away again. The male Hen Harrier was out quartering his patch yesterday afternoon down towards the lochans at the Rockside road end. On Friday, Mark had a pair of Whinchats down on the Oa. Up at Loch Gruinart, he had the Barnacle Goose and going home the other night he saw another Barn Owl at Lyrabus. The weather is still holding here with the farmers getting on with their silage and now clipping their sheep when the weather remains good.

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Joseph Nichols said...

Hi Ian,

I'm Joseph Nichols, a young birder (aged 16) from Aberdeen and I'm going to be on Islay for a couple of days this week (14th-16th). I have been keeping up with your blog in the lead up to my trip, and it's really informative. I've noticed the report of Rose-coloured Starling at Ardnave that you gave in this post, and was already planning to visit the area for Chough. I would be very interested to try and see the Rose-coloured Starling on my trip and was wondering if you knew anything else about it. I would very much appreciate your help.

Having never been to the island before, I don't about Ardnave and how to get around it. Do you know where abouts in Ardnave the Rose-coloured Starling has been seen (by Ardnave Point, the Loch?). Furthermore, you mention that there is a resident flock of Starlings at Ardnave, are you aware of where these birds hang around (or are they generally mobile?). Finally, how do I access and get to Ardnave?

Your help with my queries would be very much appreciated. If you wish, feel free to email me at: . Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,

Joseph Nichols (aged 16)