Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday 29th July

Yes, summer is back again right enough. George had 10 Greylags in one of his field this morning, in a field next to his was a single Raven, back at his house the House Martins have been busy feeding their brood, as have the Swallows in his garage. James saw a Corncrake on the track down to the hide at Gruinart, out in front of the hide were 2 Greenshank, and down beside the hide there were 2 Roe bucks having a bit of a go at each other, finally up at his road end there was a Sparrowhawk. My contribution for today was a Golden Eagle sitting on top of a dyke above Loch Gorm catching the evening sun, unfortunately too far for a decent image for to share with you all, sorry folks....

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