Thursday, 26 May 2011

Thursday 26th May

The day turned out better than I thought it might as it was windy (not so strong though) and wet through the night. The wind would have made it difficult to have heard the Corncrakes round our patch as you tend to hear the sea roaring away, so all in all we went to bed, but the forecast looks like more wind over the next few days... Dave Holden had been over for a few days with his wife and had seen a pair of Turtle Doves over near to Kintra. On the RSPB walk at Gruinart today the folk had close views of some Chough, and on the estuary a Barnacle Goose was still present, no doubt it will remain here all summer now. Mark had mentioned that down at the hide yesterday he had seen a Jackdaw predate a young Redshank chick. Some visitors had also seen a Gull down at Uiskentuie dropping a chick onto the road from a great height, similar to what they do with the mussels...There appears to be a lot of Shelduck around but few with young, but will keep you posted on that front.

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