Wednesday 22 December 2010

Wed 22nd December

Many thanks to James for looking after the blog while I was away on holiday to Trinidad and Tobago. We left when the snow started, we got caught up in Gatwick being shut, so had to divert through Miama down to Trinidad, a journey in itself, but we made it! Full credit to BA in finding us alternative flights. Our stay was really good, the guides who we had were excellent. Their ability to see birds without bins was something else, and they had the ability to imitate various bird calls to great effect, no tapes etc here boys! Full marks to Dave Ramlal on Trinidad and Newton George on Tobago. On our return, we were the last plane back into Gatwick on Saturday before it shut down because of the snow. To cap it all, on Monday, the flight back home in the evening was cancelled. Still we got home, I will expand on the birds over the next few days as our local birds are having a tough time with this cold weather.

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