Friday 10 December 2010

Fri 10th December

I caught this in the house this morning.
Not really. This is a four toed elephant shrew from Tanzania, sent in by Peter, back from his latest trip, with the comment "leopards and lions are so passe' don't you think". I agree.
Anyway now to the matters at hand -the birds. I did a goose count on the reserve today, I haven't added it up yet, but did see some other good birds. Three different hen harriers one male and two female, a merlin, 3 sparrowhawks all around the reserve and in front of the hide a little grebe and a black tailed godwit. A few ducks have returned with the melting of the ice. I also had a report of a short eared owl north of Loch Gorm, short eared owls are much less common on Islay in the winter than through the summer.

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Islay Natural History Trust said...

That's what we like to see - more mice and shrews and stuff. Particularly Tanzanian varieties. Excellent!!