Thursday 23 December 2010

Thurs 23rd December

Yesterday Peter had a Brambling on his feeder down at Bruichladdich. He commented that "the usually dominant and outnumbering Starlings are having to play second fiddle in the pecking order to Rooks and Jackdaws coming into the garden looking for scraps. These in turn over the last couple of days are now second in line to Black headed Gulls deferring to Common Gulls which now move aside for occasional visits from Herring Gulls. The smaller Gulls are even poking under the hedge for scraps where I put tit bits for the more shy Blackbirds and Robins, both of which have become virtually hand tame". Today Peter had popped over to Bunnahabhain with Pia, in the hope of finding some Otters, no joy! But they did have and an adult Golden Eagle soaring overhead and heading over to Jura. Down near to the Distillery were 4 Bullfinches, and at the Distillery itself was an adult Iceland Gull, possibly the same bird that has been present there in previous winters.
Although they did not see any Otters at Bunnahabhain, back home in the warmth of their lounge, they had an Otter out in front of the house! It was actively fishing, catching prey and bringing it to the rocks to devour!!!
George today had been over at Loch Skerrols and counted 20 Whooper Swan, 5 Mute Swans, 2 Coots, 70 Wigeon, 40 Teal and 1 Pochard, all on a piece of water that was not frozen. Back at home he had a couple of Song Thrushes on his bird table. George commented about the lack of Sparrows.
All I can offer for the blog tonight was a Red Kite which I saw from the back door here at home, it flew over the top of the cottages, and then veered up over the old church. A few moments later it came back into sight with something in its' talons followed by a few Jackdaws. I saw one later on nearer lunchtime down over the glen and saw it had a blue wing tag on its' right wing, but I did not have my scope to read the letter.

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