Friday, 8 October 2010

Fri 8th October

One of the Brent Geese that we had seen yesterday down close to Uiskentuie had coloured rings on its legs, and after a bit of waiting and watching, we were able to read them. We sent off the information and received an acknowledgement back from Graham McElwaine who co-ordinates Irish Brent Goose Research Group. This goose was originally rung on 22nd of May 2005 in Iceland, and has been seen regularly in Ireland, quite often in the Tralee Bay area. It is the first time it has been recorded in Scotland! There were a few Brent over at Port Ellen today, with the bulk of yesterday's Gruinart geese having moved on.
Yesterday Louise had seen a couple of ringtail Hen Harriers and also 28 Golden Plover on her travels.
This morning, Bob had seen 2 Merlin up near to his house, and this evening, around 6 pm he had a female Goshawk up the back of Port Charlotte.
On our way out this evening, there was a Merlin close to the roadside before it flew off, along at Sunderland the 6 Whitefronts are still present, while just at the farm steading at Sunderland, a Great Skua flew past. There were also around 35 Curlew at Braibruich at midday.

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