Friday, 1 October 2010

Fri 1st October

Just decided to turn the clock back, this was one of the Great crested Grebes that we saw at Kingston on Thames last week!
The rainfall last month was just short of 5"in total, and we are still 13" short on last year according to Clark! Having said that, we have got off to a flying start, with a right pig of a day, wind and rain, oh yes it did dry up a bit before the next blatter came!
I was speaking to a visitor this evening who told me that yesterday, he had a great day seeing Hen Harriers. He had a total of 16 different Harriers at locations around Islay. Up at Bunnahabhain, they saw 12 Dolphins and he has also had good sightings of an Otter from the campsite at Port Charlotte where they are staying while over here on holiday.
James had a Grey wagtail flying over the market at Bridgend as we were waiting to sell our sheep!
Another senior moment, as I forgot to mention that we had a Swallow here at home yesterday.

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