Friday, 15 October 2010

Fri 15th October

Well, as expected more of the geese arrived in from Iceland today, the exact number I am not sure about, but certainly at the top of Loch Gruinart was just a mass of Geese. Barnacle Geese to the fore, on the flats itself were some Whitefronts, and an odd Pink foot too. It was a great sight to see, the only downside was that the light was poor! Over in one of the fields at Sunderland we had 120 Whitefronts along with 10 Barnies, while along at Rockside there was a large flock of Greylags along with some Whitefronts and a few Barnies. Earlier on at Rockside there was a family of Whooper Swans, 2 adults and 3 cygnets. Malcolm this afternoon had a group of 8 Whoopers fly south past Bruichladdich en route to Ireland. Certainly so far this Autumn we have not seen any large groups of Whoopers on the move.
While we were up at Gruinart this afternoon, just before Bun an Uillt, we had a couple of Greenshank on the shoreline, but out on the water was a Long tailed Duck, bobbing about on the swell.
George last night had seen a Barn owl at Blackrock on his way home.

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