Friday, 16 July 2010

Fri 16th July

An image of a Dunlin sent through from Carl. Yesreday Carl had around 100 Dunlin at Blackrock, as well as Snipe calling at Crosshouses in the morning. Coming home later on and on the sandy foreshore, with the tide being out, out from "smelly corner" were 60 Dunlin along with a dozen Pied wagtail. Several dozen Sand martin were also there, many of which were landing and resting up on the sand. At "smelly corner" itself were 3 immature Black headed Gulls. Off the Uisketuie Strand 14 female Eider Duck were seen.
The flock of Curlew at Braibruich seem to be increasing in number, reconvening after the breeding season, with 20 birds present.
Peter Roberts e mailed in to say that he had seen a couple of White tailed Sea Eagles over Keills yesterday afternoon.
Our visitors, the Jacksons from Hampshire had seen a Snipe yesterday determined to cross the road with 5 youngsters down near to "smelly corner". Later on, in the eveing they had seen a Barn owl when they were out, and were pleased to see some of our Choughs!

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