Monday 14 July 2008

Mon 14th July

Apologies for the misunderstanding that I may have caused with yesterday's entry relating to the Peregrine, but I have now corrected it and hopefully it now makes sense!
Back to today, well there was certainly not a lot to be seen here this morning, not even the crag was visible as a low mist kept swirling around, and eerily through it all you could hear the roar of the sea quite clearly. Out in the garage, in the Swallow nest there are now 5 eggs there, although not in the same nest, but in the other half of the semi detached nest which they cleverly built the other year. Out in the dog shed, so far there has been no new eggs laid yet, but there has been some interest in the old nest from previous years in at the back door. This nest was not used, first time round this year. As I write, at present the mist has gone, only to be replaced by a fine smurry rain, so that will probably mean the clippers having an off day tomorrow I would think.
Down at the burn entering Loch Indaal at Glenburn this afternoon, there was a pair of Mute Swan along with a single cygnet, is this the same pair that hatched 7 along at the pool at Carnain, and were down to only 4 young, the last time I saw them?

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