Friday 18 July 2008

Fri 18th July

While in visiting a friend the other day, and over a cup of tea, one tale led to another. One which may be of interest, was that one day last week they had seen an Eagle down on the ground with what appeared to be an Adder. Nothing unusual about that, but the next part was of interest. As the Eagle was on the ground, a Hare appeared, and boldly made up to the bird, and there and then squared up to it and gave it a few jabs. Needless to say the Eagle had had enough and flew off. The whole episode was over in a matter of seconds!
Our visitors down from Shetland commented on Islay's birds and were glad to watch our many finches on the feeders and also the various birds of prey, compared with their population of mainly sea birds. The misty weather that we have had through the week did not deter them!

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