Sunday 15 June 2008

Sunday 15th June 2008

The birds are busy and active with lots of fledged young starting to appear. Groups of stonechats, goldcrests and greenfinches, as well as a brood of corncrake chicks at Gruinart, whilst at Kilchoman the starlings are gathering in the willows. The breeding waders at Gruinart mostly have young now and have moved to the very few wet areas. The dry weather forcing the birds to group in high densities around the wet flushes. At night snipe, spotted crake and corncrakes still calling. Also at Gruinart on the 14th good views of male and female hen harrier and a now regular feeding short eared owl.
As for invertebrates the marsh fritillary butterflies are still on the wing and damsel and dragonflies are increasing: with four spotted chaser, large red damselfies and golden ringed dragons all seen on the 14th.
No records from the paisley correspondent due to windy conditions.

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