Sunday 1 June 2008

Sun 1st June

Two for the price of one, as this was a Curlew taken last night near to it's nest and of the Cotton Grass which this year is in abundance all over Islay. James also commented this morning about the Cotton Grass now in full bloom, he also gave me some sightings for the past few days at the same time. He had a Stoat in his garden wall the other day, and he had 2 Ferrets on the flats at Gruinart. On Friday, he saw 2 Corncrake and a single Greenland Whitefronted Goose, as well as a Greylag with young goslings on the reserve at Gruinart, the first for 2 years.Yesterday a Water rail ran across the road in front of him, he also noted his first Roe Deer and its calf for the year, and had 2 Marsh Fritillary butterflies on the wing. This morning, he saw a pair of Short-eared Owls and also a Whinchat with grubs in its mouth. JRH

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