Monday 9 June 2008

Mon 9th June

George has returned from his trip to Thialand and reports in to say that he had seen a Shelduck along with 7 young ducklings of only a few days of age, down in Loch Indaal below his house. GJ
Meanwhile Malcolm had been contacted by Richard and Mavis Gulliver who live over at Port Ellen. They had a sighting in Port Ellen bay on Saturday morning of what they believe from their description, of 3 killer whales! Is Islay trying to outdo Shetland as the place to see cetaceans, considering that Basking sharks and a Minke whale have been seen here recently in the past week! Malcolm had a new tick for his garden birds list too, with a Cuckoo which was perched on one of his trees and calling persistently. He has heard them from time to time at Conisby but never that close, nor in his garden. MAO

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