Sunday 29 June 2008

Sun 29th June

Apologies for not putting on an entry for all this week, but I did return from Paisley on Tuesday, and I have not done it. In my absence, many thanks to James How for keeping the blog going. It may take a day or two for normal service to return. I have had 2 separate phone calls this afternoon asking what was happening, so you will have to bear with me!
Earlier on in the week, James had a Greenshank and 10 Black tailed Godwit at the hide over at Loch Gruinart. Back here at home, one set of the Swallows have already fledged, but return each night to roost, the other nests in the sheep shed and in the garage are not far off flying now too. Even although we are in mid summer, there are a lot of Greenfinches still making use of the feeders along with the other birds that come too.
One big difference that I noticed on my return, was that everything had freshened up as we have had some rain, now almost 3" for June, just in time to bulk up some of the crops for the farmers. Some of us have made a start to clipping the sheep too, when and if one can get a window in the weather to clip the sheep when the wool is dry.

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Armin said...

Welcome back, Ian! Good to hear you're back.

Just missed this entry for the Islay blogging roundup. Well, gives me something to pick up for next week.