Wednesday 14 May 2008

Tues 13th May

An image for you all, taken on the flats at Gruinart of an Oystercatcher having 40 winks the other day among the daisies, as this spell of good weather still stays with us.

Michal was out on a recce on Monday night, and heard 12 Corncrakes calling, and now reckons the tally so far this year here on Islay is almost 40 calling males. He was going out to another area tonight, to hopefully hear some more different birds. M.S.

Michal, along with James has been checking some of the footage from the cameras on the Lapwing nest sites, not good news I am sorry to report, as there was a cat predating one chick, and a hedgehog seen taking an egg from another nest. J.R.H. & M.S.

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