Sunday 18 May 2008

Sun 18th May

After a shower of rain last night, the temperature today has dropped quite a bit and even this afternoon there was a cold edge to the wind even although it was sunny.Whilst working with the sheep, we were fortunate to notice a Golden Eagle out soaring on a thermal, there had also been one seen yesterday too, but I forgot to tell you about it! Round Loch Gorm this evening, there were several Whinchat and Stonechat to be seen on the Whins which are in full bloom. A male Reed Bunting was also seen while several of the male Corncrake were heard calling and a Lapwing with young was seen just below Leek. A male Hen Harrier was out over the moor quartering his patch. I have not seen a Short eared Owl yet, and I have not heard any reports of any sightings here on Islay this year so far although they have been seen on Jura. IKB

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