Tuesday 8 April 2008

Tues 8th April

Quite a lot to report tonight, so here goes...
George phoned in today to say that he had a Green Sandpiper down at Bruichladdich, the first for this year, while off the pier at Bruichladdich on Loch Indaal he had 3 Razorbill and on the shoreline a pair of Shelduck, are they looking for a nest site? GJ
Andy had 12 Slavonian Grebe in summer plumage and 20 Great Northern Diver between Bowmore and Bruichladdich on Loch Indaal itself. There were also a small group of 8 Pale bellied Brent Geese at Blackrock, possibly the first of them starting to move through. RAS
Mick Durham saw a first summer male King Eider, in a group of 20 Eider on the Sound of Islay, and another visiting birder contacted me to say that he had the Green winged Teal over at Loch Gruinart reserve on Sunday.
Here at home there was Buzzard sightings, one of a pair mating while earlier on today the Raven came off it's nest and defended its territory, chasing the Buzzard away! Michal has sent me in a survey that he carried out, but I will give you his figures tomorrow.

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