Friday 25 April 2008

Friday 25th April

Breaking news....
The first Corncrake of the year was heard this morning, here at Kilchoman, and Michael Copleston had a Spotted Crake over on the Flats at Gruinart last night! I later heard that visitor had heard a Corncrake when they went over to Colonsay on Wednesday. This image was kindly sent to me by Gordon Yates, of a bird over here on Islay, the other year. IKB
Michal contacted me this evening of seeing 2 male Hen Harriers at different locations while returning home from working on the Oa. While going out this morning, after hearing the Corncrake, we ourselves had a ringtail (female) Hen Harrier at one place and then a male about 3 miles further on down the road. Certainly the number of sightings are on the up, compared with through the winter. MS

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