Sunday 6 April 2008

Sat 5th April

Back to work again, that is changing the cottages over for another week with new visitors coming in, so not much time for actual birdwatching today, but this afternoon whilst out at the washing line in the garden, there was the Peregrine. Not just one, but two, and to cap it all a Golden Eagle too. What happened was, a Peregrine came in view from the left and as it flew to the right, and it was met by the second Peregrine flying right to left. The second bird flew on past and towards an Eagle that had appeared, and it started to mob the Eagle, and the net result was that the Eagle just soared away. Was this possibly the same Eagle that Michal had seen in the morning down beside Loch Gorm?
There were 16 Whooper Swan down on the small lochan at Rockside before Loch Gorm itself. I did try to enter this last night but access to the site was denied!

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Becky said...

Reckon we saw the same Eagle. I was at Kilchoman distillery around 2ish and it flew overhead and was soon mobbed by a Buzzard. After our welcome cup of hot chocolate we went out again and as we were driving along, the Eagle landed in some bushes by Loch Gorm and then flew up and right over our heads, providing wonderful opportunitites for photos.Closest views ever!