Tuesday 22 April 2008

Mon 21 - Tues 22nd April

Whilst out doing some survey work on the moorland at RSPB Loch Gruinart reserve on Monday, Michal had a Red Kite. A Red Kite had been seen one day last week, so is this the same bird that has been seen? There have also been several sightings of small numbers of Whimbrel passing through. James had 67 Barnacle Geese drop in at Loch Gruinart this evening, possibly birds from Ireland as they came in from quite high up in the sky. Similarly, I had 8 Whitefronts today over at Ballinaby amongst a few Greylags. There were also 3 black Rabbits further along the road! Back at the reserve James commented on more Swallows and Sand Martins to be seen, with some of the Swallows perched on the overhead wires. Here at home, in the garden this afternoon, there was another Willow Warbler, with the change in the direction of the wind we may now get a few more migrants in!

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