Friday, 30 June 2017

Friday 30th June

Well, that is almost another month in and come to think of it half of 2017 is almost past. So come tomorrow evening, as ever I will be able to reveal as to how much rain we have had in June, wetter than last June, but by how much? As it has been dry outside today, I have been  out in the garden for most of the time. I did manage see some birds mind you... 2 Peregrine flew over the top of the crag, 2 Ravens came out and practised some acrobatic flying stunts, a nicely coloured Linnet on the garden wall, a male Redpoll was a pleasant sight along with the colourful Siskins quarrelling amongst themselves on the feeders. On the back doorstep, the "friendly" male Blackbird waited patiently for Margaret to come out with his food... and then there was the daily flypast by the neighbourly Choughs while out on the grass our 2 local Hooded crows brought their 2 youngsters to show them off to us.

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