Thursday, 15 June 2017

Thursday 15th June

Good friend of ours , and of a lot of folk on Islay, Armin is back over for his mid summer fix... yesterday evening as it was dry, he took a quick visit over to the hides at Gruinart and was pleasantly surprised to see 4 Herons, out on the floods. He also had a distant Mute Swan, some Redshank and plenty of Lapwing as he was coming back to the carpark. The Rochdale birders had seen 4 male Hen Harriers this morning at 4 different locations, all within 15 minutes of each other. Later on, "Mrs" Rochdale  had a pair of Bullfinch down below Foreland. This morning, we watched as Mark got a Mute Swan to fly away off the road across the flats at Gruinart.
The weather today has been not too good with the rain guage now measuring 3.5" so far for the month, certainly the shower that fell around 2pm added a goodly amount...

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