Saturday, 3 June 2017

Saturday 3rd June

The weather forecast was correct with some HEAVY showers coming through, with the possibility of the odd rumble of thunder, the only thing that we did not get told about was hailstones, we had a passing shower of hail, not a lot, but...
While I remember, the postponed May meeting of the Islay bird nerds will be on Tuesday 6th June. We will meet at 6pm, over at the track at the Airport, leading down on to the Big Strand and we will share transport down to the shore of Loch Indaal and then take a walk from there down towards Knockangle Point, so see you there , if you are around. Some of us are meant to helping out with the second round of the Corncrake count for this year, if we are still awake, later that night!!!

Just after the thunder around midday, this hen Pheasant came out and proudly presented her clutch of 9 youngsters, some of which are above, so she must have had them well sheltered from the rain a couple of days ago!!!!  Mandy, yesterday had heard a Grasshopper Warbler singing up at Bolsay as well as 2 Curlews close by. She has been hearing a Whitethroat calling regularly at Carnduncan and this morning she heard a Corncrake while in at Ballinaby and then a Chiffchaff at Kilchoman. This morning, down in the reed bed towards Machir Bay, the Rochdale birders had heard a Corncrake calling. It was heard in the same location, late afternoon by David and Ann Barr. Margaret counted a Shelduck with 10 young ducklings at Blackrock, late morning.

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