Thursday, 8 June 2017

Thursday 8th June

I do not think we are going to have another beautiful sunset this evening as it is rather wet just now as I look outside!! Over the last couple of days, we seem to be noticing more fledged young out and about. The other day,  we saw a lot of young House Sparrows "begging" to be fed, yesterday and today we saw some young Goldfinches around and also a couple of Wheatears, so I got this young Wheatear on top of the garden wall last night...

This morning, we had a cracking view of a male Hen Harrier just after Grulinmore. Earlier on, we saw a pair of Mute Swan with their 6 youngsters up at Ardnave Loch. Gary had ben out and about with some clients today. They had a flock of 30 Chough at Kilchoman, saw several Whinchats over around Carnduncan, a male Hen Harrier up towards Ardnave. They saw a Corncrake out in the carpark at Gruinart and watched it for around 5 minutes. They also saw it along the verge side there as well. Great sightings folks..

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