Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Wednesday 28th June

Been a not bad day with the weather and possibly another beautiful sunset coming shortly..  so, I have been busy today, weeding round some of the numerous trees that we have planted since moving house, almost 3 years ago.. and more importantly I sent the last couple of months of sightings from the blog through to "JD" and the Argyll Bird Club. I was "in the mood" this afternoon/ early evening and more than half of June is now done as well... can I do it up to date on the first of July and really surprise JD, with the June birds??? I am making no promises on that front....
On the bird front, Margaret saw a Peregrine carrying prey in its talons as it flew along the front of the crag. Margaret thought it looked like a young Jackdaw. Mid afternoon, there was quite a racket of birds outside, on inspection, around 250 Jackdaws were circling around over the old church next door.

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