Thursday, 1 June 2017

Thursday 1st June

Another day, another  month and the season has changed to our "Summer", off the right start with a wet and miserable day, typical.. infact over half an inch so far today, mind you the plants will jump up in size. The tally for the rainfall in May here was 2.25inches, drier than May last year!!

I managed to snap this Chough on the roof of our neighbours' cottage the other night.. The Rochdale birders had seen an Osprey round the far end of Loch Gorm the other day, Bob heard a Corncrake calling in a new location yesterday, in the rough edge in the field next to his house, the tally for the Corncrake count the other week was just short of 60 birds heard and Margaret counted 22 Goldfinches on and around the feeders here at home this morning. Wonder how the wee Pheasant chicks will have fared after the rain today, will have a look for them in the hopefully better weather tomorrow..

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Birds do inspire me a lot and I am a hardcore birdie. It sounds great that more people are joining this hobby and sharing their experience with others. Good luck folks:)