Saturday, 1 July 2017

Saturday 1st July

As promised, the rainfall figures for June, nothing really out of the ordinary for here, a mere 3.6 inches for the month. We have had it drier in other years and also it a lot wetter as well.... Marsali over at Mulindry had 3.9 inches and also made the same comment ,"an average sort of a month". This morning it started off looking great, but by mid morning, the dampness was on, fortunately the wind kept up, otherwise the midges might have had a field day..
Yesterday Gary been down on the Sound of Islay where he saw a White tailed Eagle perched on a rock on the foreshore. Later on, he was speaking to a visitor up at Finlaggan who had seen a couple of Golden Eagles in the air over the hills behind Finlaggan. A short time afterward Gary had an Osprey flying with a fish in its' talons over the visitor centre at Finlaggan. Old Sandy was telling me that he had seen over 50 Swallows hawking over the rye field round at Ballinaby yesterday.

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