Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Wednesday 5th July

Today, Tom G had spent some time over on Jura. Up past Inver, North of Feolin he saw a male Hen Harrier and also 2 Kestrel. Here at home, we saw a ringtail Hen Harrier up on a thermal above the crag, never seen that before... Later on, there was a Buzzard sitting on a rocky outcrop along the crag wtching all that was going on round about. Just before tea time, a Peregrine was flying directly over the house. This morning, I came in to the house and what was in the house but that greedy male Blackbird, so I quickly moved the cats through the house before they caught the bird before I could... It took sometime get the bird caught.. earlier on, it had followed me into the garage, unknown to me!!

I managed to get this Common Gull siting on its' nest the other day while we were over at Gruinart

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