Monday, 31 July 2017

Monday 31st July

Well, that is July almost over but you will just have to wait until tomorrow night when I will tell you all how much rain we heave had. The weather has been quite good today, got the rest of the grass cut and now, this evening, guess what, well it is raining again... Margaret this morning saw a hen Pheasant out with her brood of 11 newly hatched chicks. This evening, Margaret counted 23 Chough on top of the crag before heading in to the roost. on the seed heads on the cover crop down from the hut, over 40 Linnets were having their supper. On the hemlock heads, there were several Willow Warblers while the young Blue Tits and young Great Tits were still around with some Swallows swooping over the pond and along over the cover crop, good to see...

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