Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Tuesday 4th July

A miserable start to the day, in fact there must have been quite a lot of rain last night as our rain gauge is just short of 0.5" so far this month. We have had a better afternoon and yesterday evening, yet another glorious sunset. Tom G. had a ringtail Hen Harrier as he drove up to Ardnave and saw the Mute Swans present along with their 6 youngsters on Ardnave Loch itself. Here at home, there were  2 Buzzards out soaring over the crag, mid afternoon. After watching them for a wee while, one of the Buzzards peeled off and flew on. Then, out of nowhere a couple of Peregrines appeared out of nowhere and started to dive bomb and harass the remaining Buzzard that was still there. The end of the story is that the remaining Buzzard flew away unscathed..  The Whitethroats were present in the game crop again today.  

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