Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wednesday 30th March

What a cracker of a day it has been, the old solar panel appreciated it, better go and look out some sun cream to rub on it...Yesterday, Peter Gill had seen a Slavonian Grebe off Port Charlotte, a Sparrowhawk was close to Bridgend, with another seen up beside Dun Nosebridge, a pair of Hen Harriers were seen further on and returning to their cottage, 7 Pale bellied Brent were along at Blackrock. Forgot to mention that the bird nerds had a Blackwit in summer plumage on the floods at Gruinart. Today, there was a report of around 50 Wheatears seen here on the West of Islay. Michal had seen 2 Red Grouse up at Ardnave this afternoon. Peter Gill today had seen 2 Red legged Partridge as he approached Bunnahabhain, a Peregrine over Staoisha Forestry plantation and then a Golden Eagle high up, flying from Islay over to Jura. Down at the Lily Loch, a Treecreeper and also a Goldcrest were present.

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