Monday, 7 March 2016

Monday 7th March

Some rain through the night, but it soon turned to be a be a not bad day, and no, I never saw the "Northern Lights" last night, mind you the stars were twinkling away, a great sight none the less!!! Peter had been down on the Oa yesterday, seeing a pair of Golden Eagles mating. On one of the stubble fields, there were 70 Twite present. Gary yesterday had a Song Thrush singing in the trees at the side of his house. Over the hills behind his house, Gary had a White tailed Eagle fly past, 3 Buzzards and also a Sparrowhawk. In the fields around Finlaggan, over 300 Common Gulls were counted with 12 Yellowhammers, "loads" of Coal Tits and plenty of calling Great Tits in the actual plantation. Also yesterday, we had a Merlin at Gruinart farm, a ringtail Hen Harrier just at the car park leading down to the hides at Gruinart, and then another ringtail along at the gravel track leading to Culbuie. Today over at Kildalton, Mandy had a distant pair of Golden Eagle over the far hills. A Tystie was at Claggain Bay. Round at Ballinaby she had a male Stonechat. Her friend Jo, who had been over for a few days , had 2 new ticks while she was here, Chough and also Hen Harriers.  Finally today Fiona McGillivary had seen a White tailed Eagle down at Blackrock. The said Eagle spoofed  the resting geese from the shoreline..

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