Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday 20th March

Forgot to mention that when Malcolm and Bob were on Jura on Thursday, that they has heard a Great spotted Woodpecker at Forest Lodge , just out of Craighouse. Yesterday evening, Lesley had a pod of 9 Bottle nosed Dolphins in Kilnaughton Bay and this morning around 7am, Mike had seen a pod of at least 22 BnD off Port Charlotte. This morning, we had a count of 14 Chough out flying around the crag with 4 Buzzards soaring away much higher than them. Peter today had seen his first Gannet in Loch Indaal for the year, and it was actively fishing. This afternoon, Mandy and Fiona heard and saw the Great spotted Woodpecker down near to Loch Skerrols. On Loch Skerrols itself, 2 Dabchicks, 2 Tufted Ducks, a male Goldeneye and 5 Mute Swan were present. They also heard 2 Greenfinch and plenty of Goldcrests. On the flood/ pond at Saligo/ Ballinaby where Peter had the Dabchick the other day, this afternoon a pair of Shelduck were seen, still no Wheatears yet...
This evening, just before 6 o'clock, we heard a deep rumble and wondered if it was an earth tremor?? I spoke to Malcolm, and he had heard it as well, but so far no mention of it on the British Geological Society's website, but will keep you posted if any further info comes through....We live around 4 miles from Malcolm.

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